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Elder Counseling

Elder Counseling

Elder Counseling

Keeping the Golden Years Stress Free

“The Golden Years” as we age we hear talk of how wonderful the Golden Years are, and we look forward to a time in our lives that we have less responsibility, and stress and have more time to enjoy our friends, family and hobbies. However, we often find ourselves faced with health issues, losing partners, spouses, and friends, physical functioning, and memory. Financial Stresses can cause questions like “do I pick up my prescriptions or go to the grocery store”? The Golden years also employ us as care givers for friends, family, partners and spouses.

Helping You Cope With Your Golden Years

If you were looking forward to your “Golden Years” and find yourself struggling with these issues- you are not alone. Counseling can help you cope with the “Golden Years”.

There is a therapist for everyone, but not every therapist is right for you. Give me a call today with no obligation. Your call to me is confidential.