New Perspective Counseling



Hi my name is Lisa Beilman and my practice is New Perspective Counseling. I have a Bachelors in psychology, and I have a Masters in Counseling which I received from Rollins. I am a national certified counselor, and I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor.


New Perspective Counseling is located in Clermont, FL and I also work out of an office in Windermere, and I also work out of another office out of Winter Park.

People come to me with all types of things that they are struggling with. I provide counseling to adults but I see individuals, couples, men, women, familes. I work a lot with anxiety, depression, self-esteem. You know there is a lot of stress in the economy and the world right now so we do a lot of stress reduction. Technically counseling is just about having a place where you can come and talk how you really feel. There’s no judgment there, there’s not going to be criticisms, there isn’t going to be you should do this you should do that.


One of the reasons that therapy works is because when you walk in the office, there’s a person that’s sitting there and doesn’t know anything about you, doesn’t know your history, doesn’t have other aspects of what’s going on because it’s all about you. So this person has a clean slate, listening to what it’s like for you. Because really the only thing that matters is what’s right for you and what you’re going through.


The most important things are to find a counselor that you feel comfortable with, because there is all kinds of counselors, and not every counselor fits every person. But I truly believe that there is a counselor out there for every person. And I would tell people that if you haven’t found that fit to keep looking. Because I think that that is the most important piece, because that’s the foundation piece for creating that environment and creating that relationship. Creating that place to heal. And the rest of this things work themselves out, cause every person needs something different. I feel fortunate because I do something that I truly love and I’m fortunate that I never have to go towork. Because a lot of people say to me. Oh my god, how do you stand, you know sitting here all day listening to people complain, and I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do and I feel fortunate that I never have to work.

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