Facebook-Friend or Foe

Facebook Friend or foe?

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There are many aspects of Facebook that have been wonderful for people to be able to get in touch with old friends, make new friends, staying in touch with friends and family, sharing pictures, job hunting and networking.  However, there is a component of Facebook that has effected the lives of many people, whether it has brought a third person into their relationship, or has consumed a person to the point of hindering their ability to carry out daily responsibilities. Facebook has become our latest obsession and has affected the lives of many.


Do You Experience Anxiety Being Away From Facebook

If you experience anxiety if you are away from Facebook too long or people are telling you that you are on Facebook too much, you may have early signs of an addiction to social media. Like other addictions, you may begin to seclude yourself from real interactions with people since an addiction isolates oneself away because it is time -consuming.

Facebook In The Work Place

Many workplaces have begun to ban social media sites due to the significant decrease in productivity that is caused from checking and responding to e-mails and notifications from those sites. Other signs of Facebook overuse include interacting with your account during breaks instead of spending real time with co-workers. Communicating with family and friends via social media as a substitute for personal interaction.


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