No Judgement Counseling

No Judgement CounselingMy Goal as a Counselor Is to Understand Your Issues

Many people are afraid of going to counseling. They feel that the therapist may be judgmental, condescending or look down on them for their issues. When you enter into counseling with me, I only seek to understand your problems and help you too work through them. Without understanding and compassionate therapy, I do not believe you can ever be completely open to your therapist. Openness in communication leads to a resolution.

Communication is a key component in relational conflicts

I am here to help you better understand your communication and what your words may really be saying. I hope that once you walk in to my office you feel a sense of trust, and eventually peace, calm and resolution.

My experience as a therapist keeps me open

I have experience in helping all types of people from young and old, students to professionals with all types of issues. Some of the issues I handle include:

There is a therapist for everyone, but not every therapist is right for you. Give me a call today with no obligation. Your call to me is confidential.