For some of you the holidays have already begun and for others, you are in
the 11th hour. This blog will be short and sweet since many of you are too
busy to sit and read much. Even as I say this I know it is much easier
said than done. Try to stay calm and relaxed. When you are getting stressed
from the holiday traffic, whether in stores or on the road, go home! This
relates to the quality vs quantity gift giving. I would guess your gift
recipients would rather have your blood pressure in range than whatever gift you were out buying.

Here is another piece that is easier said than done, the holidays are going
to be whatever they are, try and enjoy them. The less stressed you are the
more likely you are to not react to situations, whatever they may be.
Stay calm and decide to go home or not get caught up in the stress…I
know, easy for me to say while I am sitting in front of the computer and not
out shopping…but I had to say the same thing to myself during the holiday
frenzy 🙂

Lisa Beilman is an Orlando Counselor who practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in stress managementconflict resolutionFacebook counselingcouples counselingelder counselingfamily counseling and career counseling.