The election is over, the holidays behind us and the new year upon us….leaves us feeling relieved and somewhat saddened that the hoopla is over. Kids are back to school and most people, who had time off, are back to work full time.
It is somewhat of a “tweener” time of the year in which we are settling into new/old routines and getting back into the swing of things. The holidays are over but they are still lingering around.
Try to find balance in your everyday life while adjusting to the new year. I personally am not a huge fan of New Years resolutions, but for those of you who have made them, keep in mind to practice balance, it is easier to maintain when you are not feeling overwhelmed.
Wishing all of you a year of health, balance and peace!

Lisa Beilman is an Orlando Counselor who practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in stress managementconflict resolutionFacebook counselingcouples counselingelder counselingfamily counseling and career counseling.