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Finding Balance
6 years, 8 months ago Posted in: Finding Balance 0
The election is over, the holidays behind us and the new year upon us….leaves us feeling relieved and somewhat saddened that the hoopla is over. Kids are back to school and most people, who had time off, are back to work full time.
It is somewhat of a “tweener” time of the year in which we are settling into new/old routines and getting back into the swing of things. The holidays are over but they are still lingering around.
Try to find balance in your everyday life while adjusting to the new year. I personally am not a huge fan of New Years resolutions, but for those of you who have made them, keep in mind to practice balance, it is easier to maintain when you are not feeling overwhelmed.
Wishing all of you a year of health, balance and peace!

Lisa Beilman is an Orlando Counselor who practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in stress managementconflict resolutionFacebook counselingcouples counselingelder counselingfamily counseling and career counseling.

7 years, 1 month ago Posted in: Finding Balance, Relaxing, Stress Relief 0

Doing nothing? Surely this is a typo when we live in a society of mega-multitasking. Social media has made it possible, not necessarily favorable, to have access to our work emails, to-do lists, employers, employees, friends and family at all times. Some part of reaching friends and family more easily is good, but where does the line get drawn? Why do you think that taking cruises have become so popular in recent years? No Cell Service. We need a break from the constant inflow of information, having to respond, and out flow of information that has become the norm. We have lost the ability to just sit and relax without our brains telling us all the things we need to be doing. We have turned into human doers and have lost the ability to just be a human being, meaning we are so often doing and so infrequently just being. Here is a little homework challenge if you choose to take it on:

-spend 20 minutes a day just relaxing, taking to your family, recharging yourself, walking your dogs (without talking on the phone or sending emails) and recharging your coping skills (coping skills need down time too, along with sleep), which are very important to have recharged when life can get stressful.

It may feel awkward at first but hang in there-you can do it, and you may even feel happier and less stressed. Good Luck and Enjoy!

Orlando Counselor Lisa Beilman practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in conflict resolutionelder counselingFacebook counseling, couples counselingcareer counselingstress management and family counseling.

7 years, 2 months ago Posted in: Facebook, Finding Balance, Social Media 0

It is the social media craze. Facebook has allowed us to find friends, jobs, family and stay connected more vastly and readily, and it has also gotten in the way of our lives. People spend HOURS on Facebook and are posting their whereabouts at all times, for some people it has become an addiction. Not many people like that word but it is happening to people, families, and relationships all over the country (and the world I am sure). Is it happening to you? I am not talking about the initial excitement of finding friends and people; I am talking about a daily focus of worrying about what you are missing by not checking Facebook. If you are having a relationship with Facebook and would like to find more balance it will take practice, and it will not be easy. Limit yourself to no more than 2 hours a day checking Facebook (obviously emergencies that are being updated are a whole different story); do you notice that Facebook is impacting your relationships or ability to perform your job? If so, take a look at what Facebook is providing that you are not getting from your relationship. Are you checking your Facebook in secret? This blog post is really about getting you to think about and be aware of your Facebook behavior. If you think it may be leading to the possibility of impacting family, relationships and job, it may be best to schedule an appointment with a Orlando therapist before it gets too overwhelming.

Orlando Counselor Lisa Beilman practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in Facebook counselingstress management, family counselingcouples counselingcareer counselingconflict resolution and elder counseling.

7 years, 2 months ago Posted in: Finding Balance, Social Media 0

Technology has created the ability for us to have a variety of information, we can access at our fingertips, anytime and anywhere, which can be incredibility helpful, or not. However, we have lost the ability to see a movie, go to dinner, watch TV, cook a meal or hang out with friends without our codependent friend the phone. Look around the next time you are out to dinner and see how many people are having dinner with their phones instead of their company. We are constantly tweeting or on Facebook, reading emails or following up on friends relationship status. Yes, there is absolutely a place for technology but that balance has appeared to have long since passed. If you want a friend’s relationship status, call them or show up at their house for moral support or to celebrate.

I know this is a generation that thrives on technology, just try to create a little bit of balance between your technology life and your living life. What are you missing while you are on the phone? It has a place and society does not foster balance so it is harder to find it, but well worth it when you find it.

Orlando Counselor Lisa Beilman practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in couples counselingcareer counselingconflict resolutionelder counselingfamily counselingFacebook counseling and stress management .

7 years, 2 months ago Posted in: Finding Balance, Stress Relief 0

Every time you do something, do it the very best you can and realize that every time you do something, it may not be as good as you would have liked it to be or as good as it was the first time, and that is OK. It is what we call being human. Keep trying and know that your efforts in life, whatever they may be, will be on a roller coaster. We don’t always like the roller coaster life offers us, but it provides us the opportunity to learn a great deal about ourselves if we pay attention. So give it your best, smile and move on.

Orlando Counselor Lisa Beilman practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in conflict resolutionelder counselingFacebook counseling, couples counselingcareer counselingstress management, and family counseling.

7 years, 3 months ago Posted in: Finding Balance, Summer Time 0

It’s summer and the kids are saying, woo-hoo school is out, and parents (some) are saying, boo-hoo, how am I going to keep my kids entertained for the summer? Some parents really enjoy the summer and the lack of schedules and some parents feel overwhelmed by the process of trying to fill school hours during the summer.

I have noticed people feeling more on edge recently and realized it is partially due to kids being out of school for the summer , and I also notice at the end of the summer there is a universal sigh of relieve when the kids go back. As an adult you realize summer camp is about parents, not all parents feel this way about summer, but if you do, this blog is for you. Here are some Helpful Hints from Heloise:

  • Have some activities and some free time planned
  • Enjoy some simple, no cost entertainment of riding bikes, swimming, picnics in the park, movie night or pretend you are at the Drive In if you can watch outside.
  • Have kids participate in helping prepare or pick out what is for dinner.
  • There is the never ending chore list (which parents appreciate more than kids) and find some balance between chores and time to themselves
  • Allow your kids some time to learn how to entertain themselves-reading, crafts, movies, or creating activities for family time

And last but not least:

Take a deep breath and try not to stress too most likely have done this before and can do it again and before you know it school will be back in session.

Orlando Counselor Lisa Beilman practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in couples counselingFacebook counseling, stress managementcareer counselingconflict resolutionelder counseling and family counseling.

7 years, 7 months ago Posted in: Finding Balance, Stress Relief 0

So the holidays are over, the New Year has begun and now the feelings of “blah” have set in, since there are not so many “goings on” to distract us. This is a wonderful time to work on finding balance and resolving issues in your life that you now have, too much, time to think about. Start out small. Make a list of things you would like to work on, toward or accomplish and then, take one thing off the list and focus on that one thing. Sometimes we look at the whole big picture and it feels so overwhelming that we get paralyzed (metaphorically) with the feelings of being overwhelmed, and do nothing.

Breaking habits and changing thinking are awkward things to do, adjust and feel….take it slow…change happens slowly, sometimes so slow we don’t really notice until we reflect back. That is OK. That is how change happens not from one extreme to another, baby steps, one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. Be patient and loving to and with yourself, you can be your biggest critic or your biggest fan…you choose.

“Life is not about finding yourself…it is about creating yourself.” unknown author

Lisa Beilman is an Orlando Counselor who practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in stress management, couples counseling, conflict resolution, family counseling, elder counseling, Facebook counseling and career counseling.