Finding Balance
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The election is over, the holidays behind us and the new year upon us….leaves us feeling relieved and somewhat saddened that the hoopla is over. Kids are back to school and most people, who had time off, are back to work full time. It is somewhat of a “tweener” time of the year in which […]

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Doing nothing? Surely this is a typo when we live in a society of mega-multitasking. Social media has made it possible, not necessarily favorable, to have access to our work emails, to-do lists, employers, employees, friends and family at all times. Some part of reaching friends and family more easily is good, but where does […]

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It is the social media craze. Facebook has allowed us to find friends, jobs, family and stay connected more vastly and readily, and it has also gotten in the way of our lives. People spend HOURS on Facebook and are posting their whereabouts at all times, for some people it has become an addiction. Not […]

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Technology has created the ability for us to have a variety of information, we can access at our fingertips, anytime and anywhere, which can be incredibility helpful, or not. However, we have lost the ability to see a movie, go to dinner, watch TV, cook a meal or hang out with friends without our codependent […]

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Every time you do something, do it the very best you can and realize that every time you do something, it may not be as good as you would have liked it to be or as good as it was the first time, and that is OK. It is what we call being human. Keep […]

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It’s summer and the kids are saying, woo-hoo school is out, and parents (some) are saying, boo-hoo, how am I going to keep my kids entertained for the summer? Some parents really enjoy the summer and the lack of schedules and some parents feel overwhelmed by the process of trying to fill school hours during […]

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So the holidays are over, the New Year has begun and now the feelings of “blah” have set in, since there are not so many “goings on” to distract us. This is a wonderful time to work on finding balance and resolving issues in your life that you now have, too much, time to think […]