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Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho! Off to the airport you go! Or… Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho! Pack up your car so you can go! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the next couple of weeks will fly by so start preparing for any travel now. Just the thought of going to the airport or loading […]

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Tis the time of year…. The kids are back in school and from now until the New Year time flies! Over the next couple of months my “Helpful Hints from Helouise” ( I borrowed the term from my sister) blogs will cover-managing holiday stress, family dynamics and staying in the black and out of the […]

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Whether you are transitioning to a new job, new position at work, job hunting, starting school or college, having kids, thinking about having kids, getting married, getting divorced or are empty-nesters, just to name a few, these are things that can cause or increase stress/anxiety. Change often creates anxiety and one of the most helpful […]

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Doing nothing? Surely this is a typo when we live in a society of mega-multitasking. Social media has made it possible, not necessarily favorable, to have access to our work emails, to-do lists, employers, employees, friends and family at all times. Some part of reaching friends and family more easily is good, but where does […]

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It seems strange to me that the 4th of July holiday falls on a Wednesday, I don’t know why but it feels like a weekend holiday, even though every seven years it falls on a Wednesday. So here is my Helpful Hints from Heloise. Woohoo, you get to work two days, have a day off, […]

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Every time you do something, do it the very best you can and realize that every time you do something, it may not be as good as you would have liked it to be or as good as it was the first time, and that is OK. It is what we call being human. Keep […]

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Well the year is well on it’s way and there seems to be “something” in the air for those of us living in and around Orlando. I think it started off with the Daytona 500 race, then Bike Week, 3 weeks of spring break, traffic (need I say more?), Easter/Passover, summer heat and now April […]

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So the holidays are over, the New Year has begun and now the feelings of “blah” have set in, since there are not so many “goings on” to distract us. This is a wonderful time to work on finding balance and resolving issues in your life that you now have, too much, time to think […]