Whether you are transitioning to a new job, new position at work, job hunting, starting school or college, having kids, thinking about having kids, getting married, getting divorced or are empty-nesters, just to name a few, these are things that can cause or increase stress/anxiety. Change often creates anxiety and one of the most helpful ways to handle stress is with support. Friends, family, support groups, or having a place in your life that feels safe. That safe place can be a friend, partner, spouse, your home, playing or listening to music, a bath, playing sports, or your couch and a blanket. Whatever, or where ever, you feel safe, relaxed and calm, make a “date” with that place as often as possible.

As humans, I believe, we all need a place to feel safe, where we don’t have to be “on”, in-charge or in-control, a place where we can just be ourselves. Since we can only control ourselves, and not our surroundings, taking care of ourselves is very important. Here are some things that will contribute to keeping stress down and bodies healthier:

  • eat healthy
  • get enough sleep
  • exercise
  • have a safe place
  • have an outlet for stress (my friend picked up Karate while going through a divorce..it is a wonderful outlet for stress and emotion release)
  • be around people who make you laugh
  • ask for help and support

and try to remember the only constant is change so being able to manage “change” (which can translate to stress) may be easier and less stressful!

Orlando Counselor Lisa Beilman practices No Judgement Counseling and specializes in Facebook counselingcouples counselingconflict resolutionstress managementelder counselingcareer counseling and family counseling.